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My  Portfolio

Since day one, I’ve been assisting Clinicians and their Clinics in defining and fulfilling their objectives. This includes Cliniko  & Digital ACC Implementations. I’ve worked with industry-leading clients and Partners, and earned my reputation as a top Information Technology Consultant. Take a look at my clients list below.

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Peninsula Osteopaths

For many years, I’ve worked with Peninsula Osteopaths on complex matters. Once we defined our objectives, we were able to build a long-term plan that has helped them get back on track and achieve their digital health goals which include going electronic with ACC and Clinical Notes.


Form and Function Osteopathy

Form and Function approached me about going electronic with ACC. Once we analysed the situation, we were able to put a plan together and achieve amazing results. If you want to learn more about the benefits of my services, get in touch.

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Equilibrium Chiropractic

I have been working with Dr Hayden Thomas at Equilibrium Chiropractic for many years. Together, we created a promising allied health solution. We have migrated their practice to Cliniko and SubmitKit from Gensolve


Wanganui Osteopathy

Wanganui Osteopathy approached me about assisting on an ACC Project for a PROMS based Solution. Jonathan has always been innovative with his ideas and it is always a pleasure working with him on ideas to progress Osteopathy from a Technology perspective.


Talke Australia

Talke Australia has been one of my most recent consulting projects. Working with the Talke team on this amazing initiative in Falls Prevention has been a privelage to work with a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists, Doctors and Commercial experts in their respective fields

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Inspirational Health

Glyn Flutey at Form and Function referred Karin to me as she began her new adventure on restarting her naturopathic clinic. Having designed her website for and her and her digital strategy including her social media and seo needs its been an absolute pleasure to see this come to life.

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Waiheke Osteopaths

Eileen at Waiheke Osteopaths connected with me due to our previous interactions over the years. I assisted her clinic with the Implementation of cure8health and thereafter SubmitKit to ensure her ACC Claims and Invoices were working seamlessly with Cliniko

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City Osteopaths Wellington

I have been working with Melanie Young at City Osteopaths for many years on some amazing ideas milestones on Kiyara Health. She will always be one of my go to Clinicians should the opportunity re-present itself to develop an innovative solution for Osteopathy.

Partners I work With

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Ministry of Health

For many years, I’ve worked closely with the Chief of Data and Digital Standards at the Ministry of Health to bring Allied Health to the forefront of Interoperability within the Health Sector.

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I have worked closely with the Team at ACC when developing ACC apps for Integrations into ACC45 and ACC Invoicing functionalities.



I have established a great relationship with the Head of Asia Pacific at SNOMED international while implementing a project in Africa in my previous venture. This enabled me to strengthen my skills in Healthcare Terminology and Standards.



Having work with FHIR for over 7 Years including a project in Africa in my previous venture, it allowed be to build close relationships within the FHIR Community including Graeme Grieves.

I Implement a Range of Products

Some Examples

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Call me today and see how I can help.

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